Safer Schools

The WCED's Safe Schools Programme works with schools to ensure safe school environments needed for successful teaching and learning.

Safe Schools works in partnership with local police and community organisations such as neighbourhood watches and Community Policing Forums.

The Safe Schools' Call Centre receives calls from learners experiencing any form of abuse, and provides a contact point for reporting burglaries, vandalism and other incidents that impact on efforts to ensure safe schools.

Call logging Procedure:

  1. Log the information by calling the toll free number  0800 45 46 47
  2. They will then contact the Safer Schools Coordinator at the district office and advise
  3. Safer Schools Coordinator or field worker will go out to the school and advise the Principal on how to best remedy the situation.
  4. If its emergency maintenance then the school will be advised  to log a claim on the School Emergency Maintenance Capture screen on CEMIS.  Here they will capture their claim and upload the evidence.

 The WCED has established a Safe Schools Call Centre as part of the Safe Schools Programme.

Educators, learners and parents can call the toll-free number to report violence, abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, vandalism and/or complaints regarding corruption in schools.

The Call Centre also provides information on:

  • abortion
  • alcoholism
  • drug abuse
  • HIV/Aids
  • racism
  • pregnancy.

The Centre's staff are able to provide initial on-line counselling for callers who need help. If further assistance is required callers are referred to experts.