This guide will walk through the process on how to configure VPNRA VPN for use on a Windows 10 machine that needs connectivity to the WCGSCHOOLS network from an external link.

The Setup document for this action can be found here

The Windows 10 Registry Key to allow connection for this action can be found  here (Rename to VPNRA.reg)

  • Setup Servers to use for WCGSCHOOLS VPNRA access: vpnra.wcgschools.gov.za
    • WCGSCHOOS Proxy: proxy.wcgschools.gov.za port 3128.
    • Exclusions: 10.*;*.wcgschools.gov.za
  • Server to use for WCG VPNRA access: vpnra.westerncape.gov.za
    • WCG Proxy: array01.pgwc.gov.za port 8080
    • Exclusions:*.pgwc.gov.za;10.*;*.wcpg.gov.za;*.capegateway.gov.za;*.westerncape.gov.za;*.bee.gov.za; idm;*L850.home*;*IK40.Home*