How to apply for Outlook Mail (wcgschools)

The following three emails will be created per school:

1. Principal’s personal email account (in the name of the principal, who will also have access to the official school mailbox via this personal account)
2. School Admin (secretary) personal email account (in the name of the school admin person, who will have access to the official school mailbox via this school admin account)
3. Official school email account (no password associated with this account)

Verify the details of the Principal and School Admin details for first-time account creation

  • Principal to phone Schools IT Service Desk on 021 900 7123 to establish whether their personal details are on the data list and if personal user account has been created for the principal and the school admin person 
  • If the correct names are not on the list, the principal should complete the “Request for WCGSCHOOLS.GOV.ZA Email” address form. 

What if my name is not on the data list?

STEP 1: School:

1. Download Request for WCGSCHOOLS.GOV.ZA Email form.
2. Complete this application form for the Principal and or the School Admin. Please ensure that all compulsory fields are filled in correctly.
3. Once all your information is provided, print the document and sign it.
4. Forward the signed Request for WCGSCHOOL.GOV.ZA Email form to your Circuit Manager.

STEP 2: District Office:

1. Circuit Manager must verify the signed application form from the school.
2. Circuit Manager complete their details and approve (sign) the application document.
3. Circuit Manager to forward the application document to the Schools IT Service Desk on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (please scan and attach to email)

STEP 3: Schools IT Service Desk:

1. Validate the Request for WCGSCHOOLS.GOV.ZA email form.
2. Manage the provisioning of user account.
3. Ensure that the two user accounts are linked to the official school mailbox.
4. Send confirmation e-mail to users, providing user account and temporary password.



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