Outlook Mail

WCGSCHOOLS Email Account Request Process:

  • School to ensure all information is correctly updated and captured on CEMIS
  • School to Log a request with the Schools IT Service Desk for an Account to be
    created/modified/deactivated and will be provided with the Incident number.
    *Note: Individual ticket to be logged per user that needs to be
    Request will be Logged once below form has been Completed and sent to the
    Schools IT Service Desk (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Service Desk will compare Information (Provided on below form) to the data extract
    from CEMIS to ensure it corresponds.
  • In the event that all the relevant information corresponds, the Email Service Request
    (Create/Modify/Deactivate) will be completed.
  • This process occurs weekly, and all changes to be synced from CEMIS system.
  • The Incident will be resolved and closed on the system as completed.