SLIM Lab Project

The Slim Lab Project seeks to primarily enable access to the WCG broadband (WAN) for;

    (a) learners through a central point of access which in most cases would be an existing computer lab and

    (b) teachers within a common area, mainly a staff room/admin area.

The objective of the Slim Lab is to ensure that access to eLearning resources is available to all learners and teachers. The Slim Lab is also seen as a refresh, where the current technology (viz. the old “ICT labs”) is failing or has failed. The intention is for it to act as a common or shared facility and as such should therefore resemble an e-enabled classroom that can be shared by groups of learners at different times A Slim Lab should therefore enable schools with limited LAN connectivity and/or teacher and learner devices to leverage connectivity to the WAN and Internet. Teacher access will be enabled through a central Access Point (AP) for wireless access to the broadband (WAN).