Computer Applications Technology (CAT)

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How to logon to the Centralised Server from the CAT Windows 10 workstation


Computer Applications Technology is the effective use of information and communication technologies in an
end-user computer applications environment in different sectors of society.


Computer Applications Technology equips learners with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to create,
design and communicate information in different formats. It also makes it possible for learners to collect,
analyse and edit data and to manipulate, process, present and communicate information to different sectors of

This subject will ensure that learners:

  • make informed decisions when accessing, capturing and analysing data;
  • manipulate, interpret and process information;
  • apply problem-solving skills, using critical and creative thinking, within the context of end-user computer
  • acquire knowledge and skills that enhance their competence to interact with different end-user computer
    applications (e.g. word processing, spreadsheets and databases);
  • have a general understanding of social, environmental and global issues that are linked to the use of
    information and communication technologies;
  • communicate effectively by using the appropriate communication modes and tools;
  • apply end-user computer applications knowledge and skills ethically and responsibly;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the effective management of information
    organise their daily activities responsibly and effectively within different contexts;
  • reveal natural talents and enthusiasm, thereby contributing to excellence and achievement;
  • develop marketable skills, thereby enhancing capabilities and job satisfaction; and
  • engage in lifelong learning, effective job performance capabilities and job satisfaction