After School Game Changer

Chosen by the Provincial Cabinet as one of the seven Game Changer Projects, the After School Game Changer (AS GC) is working to increase participation of learners from no- and low-schools in structured, quality after school programmes (ASP). Internet connectivity directly supports eLearning programmes, and more broadly, improved connectivity contributes to an enabling environment for ASPs to successfully take place.

The AS GC targets the following outcomes:
• Improved attitude towards learning
• Improved school outcomes
• Improved school retention
• Improved matric results
• Reduction in risk taking behaviour

Programmes using eLearning:

MOD YearBeyond Programme

YearBeyond or YeBo is a partnership between the Western Cape Government and numerous NGOs aimed at improving educational outcomes and encouraging a culture of volunteerism.
The programme aims to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes, inspire a culture of learning, stem school dropouts and improve matric results. It also aims to build bridges between communities and expand the horizons and skills of participants. The programme provides volunteer tutors (aged 18 – 25) as peer educators after school hours. These volunteers offer literacy, numeracy and homework support.

The programme is run in selected schools with the Mass participation; Opportunity and access; Development and growth (MOD) Programme, adding an academic pillar to the MOD programme. Our volunteers deliver a blended model of learning, using small group facilitation, technology-assisted educational programming, and experience-based academic clubs to guide their learners through the curriculum. Volunteers are assigned to one school for the year and they work with the same learners every day for the duration of the year.

Please visit the YearBeyond website to find out more:

After School Game Changer Maths eLearning Project

The After School Game Changer is piloting an after school maths support programme in a number of schools in the Cape Metro and Cape Winelands. Schools with adequate bandwidth capability were offered a selection of tested after school eLearning programmes to then choose one that suited their needs. This programme is self-guided by learners, overseen by an IT Facilitator to iron out technology bugs.

Please contact the AS GC team to find out more about the projects and eLearning programmes being utilised at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..